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ISCT Webinar 2019: Automation in Cell Therapy

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ISCT Webinar

Automation in Cell Therapy: A Journey to Next Generation Manufacturing Solutions

Sponsored by Atvio Biotech Ltd. and GE Healthcare

Part 1 of the ISCT Process and Product Development Subcommittee Automation in Cell Therapy Webinar Series

Event Date
Wednesday, March 27, 2019
09:00 PDT, 12:00 EDT, 17:00 CET



John Fink, MBA
Senior Product Manager
Pall Corporation
Co-Chair, ISCT Process and Product Development Subcommittee
United States

Automation101 – Where and why it started and the value it can bring to Cell Therapy

This talk will focus on the general parts, bytes and pieces involved in an automation solution, including:
  • Robotics’ entry in industrial applications and where success was realized
  • Automation introduction into life science research workflows and examples of growing pains and lessons learned
  • The role of software in automation and importance of planning ahead for integration
  • What automation solutions looks like from nascent to mature markets and the typical man-and-machine cooperation in flexible vs. fixed system

Ohad Karnieli, PhD, MBA
President & Co-Founder
Atvio Biotech Ltd.
Co-Chair, ISCT Process and Product Development Subcommittee

Innovation, a key component in automating cell therapy, challenges and possible solutions

This talk will present:

  • Practical strategies for automation with an emphasis on innovation
  • Technological solutions that are present in the ecosystem we live in such as machine learning, sensors and artificial intelligence and how we can leverage engineering tools to enable the necessary innovation leap for our industry
  • Practical examples and give basic tools and methodology for automation integration

Per Hammer
Cell and Gene Therapy
Software Leader
GE Healthcare

Automation transformation, a key to success for the Cell Therapy business

  • To increase the level of automation in cell therapy production will be key to success for future CAR-T therapies. The manual processes of today have to go through a significant transformation to increase access of therapies to the patients
  • This talk will focus on how the cell therapy industry will be able to leap frog through this transformation through learnings from the mAb bioprocess business as well the use of modern digital tools. This transformation will have to go through a mixed world where a number of steps will be completely automated while others will have to rely on the man - machine interfaces and processes.
About the Webinar
To understand how automation can help advance the field of cell & gene therapy, first one should understand what automation is and what its advantages, disadvantages and offerings are to include in planning for successful design and implementation. Automation can come in many different parts and bytes, and understanding the underlying robotics, software, sensors, tools and AI can help frame an automation strategy of development and use. In addition, understanding how similar, mature industries have adopted automation successfully is a prudent way to start planning automation adoption in cell and gene therapy.


Registration for this Webinar has been sponsored by Atvio Biotech Ltd. and GE Healthcare.


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