Investigators To Investors Program


Spearheaded by the ISCT Business Models & Investment Subcommittee, the ISCT Investigators to Investors (I to I) program was created in 2018 with a goal to bridge the knowledge gap between investigators and investors within the cell and gene therapy (CGT) sector. The program strives to educate investigators on how to successfully attract investor attention and capital, as well as support investors in conducting diligence and understanding opportunities within the CGT industry. Ultimately, the ISCT I to I program engages these two stakeholder groups in critical conversations that advance the development and delivery of cell and gene therapies

ISCT Investigator to Investor Initiatives: 

October 6, 2020: Best Practices for Funding CGT Startups from Academia.

The webinar will explore lessons learned by academic founders of successfully funded academic spin-outs and provide a blueprint for others who are pursuing the creation of a company around their novel science. 

Click here to register for open access.

April 2019: ISCT Webinar - Understanding Investor Perceptions in CGT

In April 2019, the ISCT Business Models and Investment Commercialization Subcommittee championed a webinar which discussed critical learnings of the ISCT-Bloomberg investor survey. The webinar discussed the opinions of various CGT investor groups and explained their perspective regarding awareness, investment exposure, intentions to invest, and key concerns with investment opportunities in the CGT sector at the time of the survey. Additionally, the webinar focused on how the CGT R&D community can leverage this knowledge to improve its ability to secure investments from investors. To view the webinar’s recording, click here.

October 2018 -  Debut of I to I Program to ISCT Members in ISCT Telegraft e-Newsletter

In October 2018, the ISCT member e-Newsletter, Telegraft, announced the launch of the I to I Program to ISCT’s membership community. The article illustrated the program’s aim and vision. To view the archived article, click here.

September 2018 - ISCT-Bloomberg Investor Survey & KOL Webinar

The inaugural event of the I to I Program was an investor survey created in collaboration between ISCT and Bloomberg Intelligence. The survey captured investor perceptions of key opportunities and challenges in the CGT field at the time. The survey's results will be featured in an upcoming issue of Cytotherapy, the Official Journal of ISCT.

Investor respondents of the ISCT-Bloomberg Intelligence survey were invited to a webinar hosted by Bloomberg featuring ISCT key opinion leaders (KOLs) Catherine Bollard, MD, MBChB (ISCT President 2016-2018), Bruce Levine, PhD (ISCT President 2020-2022), Ohad Karnieli, PhD, MBA (Past Co-Chair, ISCT Process and Product Development Subcommittee), Dawn Driscoll, PhD, MBA (Past Co-Chair, ISCT Market Access and Patient Advocacy Subcommittee) and Karen Nichols, Esq (ISCT Chief Regulatory Officer). Investors had the opportunity to ask the expert panel questions about the state of the industry, challenges, and opportunities for the field looking forward. To view the webinar’s recording, click here.


Patrick Rivers, ISCT BM&I Subcommittee Co-Chair presented the ISCT I to I Program at the ISCT 2019 Melbourne Annual Meeting in the Strategies for Commercialization Track Session: Capital Without Borders: Raising Money for CGT in the Global Economy".

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