Commercialization Committee


The Commercialization Committee strives to:

  • Be the global communication hub between therapeutic societies, regulatory policy makers, institutional stem cell centres and industry for the advancement of clinical investigation in cell therapy and regenerative medicine.

Projects and Objectives

  • Drive industry/academic partnerships.
  • Identify and develop reimbursement roadmaps and partner to influence coding and pricing decisions.
  • Assist in developing partnerships and liaisons with appropriate clinical societies and/or sister societies.
  • 2018 Commercialization Signature Series on Addressing Translational Manufacturing Viability in Cell Therapy
  • The inaugural Commercialization Signature Series hosted on September 29, 2016.



Committee Chair


Miguel Forte, MD, PhD
Zelluna Immunotherapy
Oslo, Norway



Committee Members

Eytan Abraham, PhD
Walkersville, MA, United States

Julie Allickson, PhD, MSc, MT(ASCP)
Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine
Winston-Salem, NC, United States


Dolores Baksh, PhD
GE Healthcare
Marlborough, MA, United States

Gerhard Bauer, PhD
UC Davis
Sacramento, CA, United States
Bryan Choi
Incheon, South Korea

Dawn Driscoll, PhD, MBA
Cell Therapies PTY
Melbourne, Australia


Simon Ellison, MBA
World Courier
London, United Kingdom

John Fink, MBA
Pall Corporation
Boston, MA, United States

Uri Herzberg, DVM, PhD, MBA
New York, NY, United States

Anders Holm, PhD
Zelluna Immunotherapy
Oslo, Norway
Bryan Poltilove, MBA
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Frederick, MD, United States

Ohad Karnieli, PhD, MBA
Atvio Biotech Ltd
Haifa, Israel


Bruce Levine, PhD
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA, United States

Aby Mathew, PhD
BioLife Solutions
Bothell, WA, United States

Michael May
Toronto, ON, Canada

Michael Mendicino, PhD
Hybrid Concepts International, LLC
Grand Island, NY, United States

Bill Milligan
Steminent Biotherapeutics
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Julie Murrell, PhD
Bedford, MA, United States

Mara Neal, SH(ASCP)MT, MS, MBA
Cook Regentec
Indianapolis, IN, United States

Benjamin Nelson, MBA
Fresenius Kabi
Lake Zurich, IL, United States
Jessie Ni, PhD
Irvine Scientific
Irvine, CA, United States

Carson Rhodes, MBA
Terumo BCT
Lakewood, CO, United States


Patrick Rivers, MBA
Aquilo Capital
San Francisco, CA, United States

Kathleen Shelton, MBA
BD Biosciences
San Jose, CA, United States


David Smith, PhD
Hitachi Chemical Advanced Therapeutic Solutions (HCATS)
Allendale, NJ, United States

Nathan Smith
Cell Therapies Pty Ltd
East Melbourne, VIC, Australia



Noboru Yamaji, PhD
Universal Cells
Seattle, WA, United States

Nick Timmins, PhD
BlueRock Therapeutics 
Toronto, ON, Canada

Tony Ting, PhD
Cleveland, OH, United States

Erika Trauzzi, PhD, MBA
Satorius-Stedim Biotech
New York, NY, United States

David Williams, PhD
Loughborough University
Loughborough, United Kingdom

Mark Flower, BSc
Be The Match BioTherapies
Golden, CO, United States

Ohad Karnieli, PhD, MBA
Pluristem Therapeutics
Haifa, Israel
Nathan Smith
Cell Therapies Pty Ltd
East Melbourne, VIC, AUS
Nathan Smith
Cell Therapies Pty Ltd
East Melbourne, VIC, AUS

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