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ISCT Members are required to select "Yes" to the following pledge when renewing or signing up for a new membership:

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The ISCT White Paper entitled "Cell therapy medical tourism: Time for action" (published in the Society's official journal Cytotherapy. Cytotherapy, 2010; 12: 956-968); 

The Patient Advisory for Stem Cell Therapy and Medical Tourism; 

The ISCT reference paper entitled, "On Unproven Cellular Therapies 2015: Talking About Unproven Cell-Based Interventions" (published in the Society's official journal Cytotherapy. Cytotherapy, 2016; 18: 113-148) 

I further confirm that I will conduct cell therapy practice and promotion in accordance with ISCT’s position on Cell Therapy Medical Tourism and Patient Safety as outlined in these documents, and I will not engage in any practice or promotion of cellular-based therapy that is unproven or inconsistent with such position or that is otherwise unethical. I understand and acknowledge that breach of this pledge is grounds for removal of my membership.


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