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Monday, May 14, 2018

ISCT supports FDA stem-cell injunctions and proposes wider action to protect patients

ISCT International Society Cell and Gene Therapy, the global professional society of clinicians, researchers, regulatory specialists, technologists and industry partners in the cell and gene therapy sector, today announces its reaction to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seeking court orders preventing two U.S. stem cell clinics administering unproven cellular therapy treatments to patients.


ISCT in the News


 August 13, 2018

RegMedNet - "Bridging the gap between academy and industry: an interview with Bruce Levine" Featuring Bruce Levine, ISCT President Elect

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 June 2018

The Medicine Maker

"Facing the Good Problems" Featuring Denis-Claude Roy, ISCT 2018 Co-Chair  - Click here for PDF
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"FDA Quackdown" Featuring Massimo Dominici, ISCT Past President 2014 - 2016
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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Chemistry World - "Gene therapy gathers pace" Featuring John Rasko, ISCT President 2018 - 2020 and Miguel Forte, ISCT Commercialization Chair Click here to view

Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Pharma Letter - "Industry keeps faith in finding solutions to bring stem cell and gene therapies to the masses" Interview with Cath Bollard, ISCT President 2016-2018 and Bruce Levine, ISCT President Elect 2018-2020

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

BioInsights - Bruce Levine, ISCT President Elect, Guest Editor for "Cell and Gene Therapy Insights' spotlight on CAR-T Cell Manufacture and Clinical Development"

Advances in Targeting CAR-T Therapy for Immune-Mediated Diseases

Advances in Using CAR-T cell Therapy to Treat HIV

Utlization of CAR-T Therapy for Ovarian Cancer

The Importance of Collection, Processing & Biopreservation Best Practices in Determining CAR-T Starting Material Quality


Overcoming Challenges for Engineered Autologous T Cell Therapies


Utilization of Recombinant Albumins in the Expansion of Human T Lymphocytes


Challenges in Developing GMP-Compliant Manufacturing Facilities for CAR-T Cells


Unlocking the Potential of CAR-T Therapies for Solid Tumors


Advances in Using CAR-T cell Therapy to Treat HIV


Addressing the Challenges of Commercial-Scale Manufacture of Viral Vectors for
CAR-T Therapies


Driving CAR-T Manufacture Optimization through Technology Innovation

Strategies to Control CAR-T Cell Therapy: Perspective on Next-Generation CARs

Innovative Technologies for CAR-T Manufacturing: the Key to Commercialization 

Ethical Considerations in the Translation of CAR-T Cell Therapies

Commercial Business Models for Immunotherapies

 Pricing Models and Strategies to Make CAR-T Therapy Affordable


May 2018

APM Health -

"Autologous supply chain will not ‘go to waste’ once allogeneic products are approved, say experts"- Click here to view

"Gilead has ‘rst-comer’ CAR-T advantage over Novartis, but logistics and marketing could determine any winners" - Click here to view

"CAR-T has other potential indications besides cancer, such as HIV, says Kymriah inventor" - Click here to view


Catherine Bollard, ISCT President 2016-2018
Bruce LevineISCT President Elect 2018-2020
Miguel Forte, ISCT Commercialization Chair


Tuesday, May 16, 2018
Bio World - "CBER head Peter Marks weighs in on cell, gene therapy pricing debate" - Click here to view

Monday, May 8, 2018
World of Associations News - "Connect, Communicate, Translate" Interview with Catherine Bollard, ISCT President - Click here to view

May 2018
BioInsights - Lizette Caballero on "The Evolution of Product Transfer and Labeling in Cellular Therapy" - Click here to view 


Annual Meeting Coverage

RegMedNet - ISCT 2018: highlights in brief - Click here to view

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