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A Personal Message from ISCT President, President-Elect, and CEO

Wednesday, March 25, 2020  
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Dear ISCT Colleagues,

The COVID-19 pandemic presents each one of us with a situation unlike any other experienced in our lifetime. Its repercussions continue to ripple across society, institutions, companies, and all of the health sciences.

We recognize that these past weeks have taken a toll, both personally and professionally. Some of us are decision makers, from whom this situation demands constant vigilance. Some of us work within a burdened global healthcare community, trying to push back against the spread of this pandemic at the front lines. Some of us, too, are members of a business community that is reeling from the economic impacts of quarantines and changing demands in the market.

Above the professional commitments that we hold, we have families and loved ones that we must care for. There are drastic shifts in our daily lives to deal with. At the same time we seek to maintain some level of productivity, normality and composure.Each of us is being called upon to make choices to safeguard the wellbeing of those around us. Please monitor your own welfare and seek assistance when needed.

As the storm rages, there are uplifting stories of a world coming together to face a pandemic. There are heartening reports of courageous communities and individuals mobilizing to take vital and timely steps to contain and control the virus. Equally important is recognising that the burdens forced upon us by this crisis are temporary.

This is why we write to you personally today. We must acknowledge and sustain one another as this situation progresses. We must maintain the responsibilities that we each continue to hold dear. And we encourage our global ISCT community to embrace the hopeful resilience demanded through this crisis.

Although we may be physically distant from one another, we are not disconnected.

Far from it.

The global ISCT community has always been marked by a vision for mentorship, collaboration, teaching, sharing knowledge and advancement on an international scale. We are united behind a common vision to translate advances in cell and gene therapies to achieve the best healthcare outcomes. In a crisis like this, we urge you to continue to embrace that vision.

In this critical moment in history, we applaud you, as colleagues and friends within ISCT. We applaud your resilience, your strength, and your continued commitment to the well-being of your communities. We applaud your connection and commitment to this Society, and we are honoured that you are a part of it.

This year’s in-person annual meeting was on track to smash numerous records, with unprecedented excitement building over the last year. We received 513 abstract submissions, and growing interest in registration, media attention, and engagement.

Though we may not have the joy of seeing one another in person this year, we are determined to reward your ongoing membership and engagement. We are actively pursuing plans for a virtual meeting during the dates scheduled for our in-person meeting this year in Paris. It is our hope that an ISCT virtual meeting will not only maintain the outstanding quality of content we have become known for, but also break new ground in accessibility and the connectedness of our global community.

A pandemic represents a defining moment.We are convinced that our response to the COVID-19 challenge provides ISCT with an opportunity to reimagine and enhance engagement with our valued members and supporters. COVID-19 will not alter our shared vision to translate cellular therapy into safe and effective therapies to improve patients' lives. When we next see each other, let us take a moment to commemorate the relationships that we cherish. Meanwhile ISCT remains determined to connect, to communicate and to translate. We will step up to this challenge and provide the best that our strong global community has to offer.
John Rasko,AO, MBBS, PhD,

President, 2018-2020
ISCT, International Society for
Cell & Gene Therapy

Bruce Levine,PhD
President-Elect, 2018-2020
ISCT, International Society for
Cell & Gene Therapy

Queenie Jang,BSc (Pharmacy), MBA
Chief Executive Officer
ISCT, International Society for
Cell & Gene Therapy

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