Finance and Audit Committee


In order to provide independent financial oversight to ISCT to enable long term financial health for the Society, the Finance and Audit Committee aims:

  • To provide financial oversight in line with strategic objectives for the Society
  • To provide financial stewardship of ISCT in both the short and long term horizon
  • To monitor Society management costs in relation to ISCT growth and expectations
  • To advise on insurance and risk liability assessments; and major decisions that affect the Society's financial health 
  • To ensure short term operational decisions do not bias the Society's longer term financial strategy and sustainability
  • To support auditor selection and provide audit oversight
  • To provide legal and regulatory oversight ensuring
    • ongoing operational procedures and contracts are in compliance with the non-profit status of the Society
    • compliance with all tax authorities where the Society conducts its Annual and Regional Meetings
    • compliance with US banking requirements
    • Large contract(s) risk review
  • To provide risk review of trademarks, copyrights, and Domain names

Committee Chair


Emily Culme-Seymour, PhD

ISCT Global Treasurer June 2017 - June 2020
GSK Rare Diseases Unit
London, United Kingdom



Committee Members

Catherine Bollard, MBChB, MD
Children's National Health System and The George Washington University
Washington, DC, United States
Christopher Bravery, PhD
Consulting on Advanced Biologicals Ltd.
London, United Kingdom 
Edwin Horwitz, MD, PhD
Nationwide Children's Hospital
Columbus, OH, United States

Queenie Jang, BSc(Pharmacy), MBA
ISCT Executive Director
Vancouver, BC, Canada


Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Sydney, Australia



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